Valorie our Volunteer Coordinator

By Zoo Blog Keeper

If you have ever been to the Sacramento Zoo, you have probably seen a volunteer hard at work. From scooping ice cream, greeting the guests, weeding the gardens, cleaning exhibits and picking up trash - our volunteers do it all!

So, where do these wonderful volunteers come from? Well, it all starts with Valorie, our Volunteer Coordinator. She is just down right amazing! She has been with the Zoo for seven years and keeps track of over 1,100 volunteers every year! Can you imagine? Val knows them by name, gives heartfelt thanks to them for their time, and her basket of snacks is always full.

In addition to her almost obsessive love of Secretary birds (she really wants them at the Zoo), she is a traveller. Val spent two weeks in Africa a few years ago, and loves to travel to England - she has been five times!

A big heartfelt thanks to Val for her dedication and love of the Zoo!

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