End of Summer Camp!

By Robin Baker, Teen Coordinator

The end of Zoo Camp has finally come, and I feel as though my body is going to burst from emotional overload. The smile on my face shows that I am happy, but there’s a small glint in my eye… could that be a tear? I am excited, nervous, impatient, saddened, worried, nostalgic, ready; but most of all, I am EXHAUSTED!!!

I spent nine weeks running around bandaging skinned knees, blowing runny noses, explaining the difference between right and wrong, and that was just for the teens! In the end it was all well worth the work when I could take a second to look around at what I had helped accomplish. Nothing had been blown up, no one had gone missing, and I still had full use of all my limbs and brain (for the most part); a rather successful ending to a summer camp if I do say so myself.

Camp was a wonderful experience for me and I am sad to see it over with, but I know that I have made many good friends here at the Sacramento Zoo. Although I plan on continuing the pursuit of a teaching position here in Sacramento, I have a funny feeling that my path will lead me back to the zoo in some way or another. It’s kind of hard to leave a place where part of your job is teaching little kids, and not so little kids, how to feed giraffes and bongos.

As for my hard working teens, some of them are off to begin their first year in college, while others return to their familiar high schools and lives outside of the zoo. I would just like to say a big thank you to them, because our camp would be nothing without the generous donation of their personal time and exhilarating spirits. We drained them to their last drops, and it looks as though we may have broken them!
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