Styrofoam Recycling - Sacramento

By Jaime Wilson, Sacramento Zoo Green Team Member

Over the last six months, I have received quite a few phones calls asking about how to recycle Styrofoam in the Sacramento area, and if the Zoo collects it. This has been one of our biggest challenges at the Zoo, but I couldn't figure out why everyone was calling us for advice!

Then I googled "Styrofoam recycling Sacramento", and I had my answer... Our blog from September 2007, Styrofoam Recycling Event at Cal Expo, was the third result! And our Green Team page of our website was fifth!

We seem to be an accidental authority on Styrofoam recycling in the area - So we are going to embrace it! Here is an update and there is good some news.

Styrofoam Recycling - ROSEVILLE
The City of Roseville started a pilot program in November 2007 in which they partnered with local buisinesses to offer Styrofoam recycling for the public. There are four locations according to the Rocklin & Roseville Today article:

  • Maidu Park at 1550 Maidu Drive, Roseville
  • Washington Boulevard at 800 All American City Blvd., across from Placer County Fairgrounds.
  • Mahany Park at 1575 Pleasant Grove Blvd., next to Bear Dog Park.
  • Berry Street off of Galleria Boulevard.
Styrofoam Recycling - STOCKTON
Timbron International is a company that takes all that #6 Styrofoam and upcycles it into paintable moldings for your house - what a cool idea! They recycle your Styrofoam at their location in Stockton.
  • 4331 Pock Lane, Stockton, California 95206

Styrofoam Recycling - SACRAMENTO
There aren't any location that I could find to take Styrofoam in Sacramento, but Sacramento Waste Management has some other resources to explore, including a mail back program. I use there website as a resource all the time for recycling information.

  • I know from speaking with Department of Conservation, Division of Recycling people, that business that have large quantities can find a bailing machine and get on a program - but regular folks and small producers, like us, don't have too many options at this point.

So, now you know! Keep collecting all that #6 EPS Styrofoam - and when there is another Sacramento area recycling event, we will be sure to let you know! So far there have been two in the last year (and none before that), so it seems like it is just starting to catch its stride.

UPDATE: I drove to the Roseville location at Maidu Park, and the Styrofoam is collected in a large white dumpters - plenty of room!

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