Pirate Ship with Teens

By Zoo Blog Keeper

When these videos first made their way around the Zoo, we just couldn't stop laughing. Every year there is a group of great teen volunteers that come in to work Summer Camp and be the kids Camp Counselors. Before camp starts they get together for some get-to-know-you activites and team building.

That's where Pirate Ship comes in.

Basically, you set out the boundries of your ship and one person calls out commands like "Captians coming", "Shark attach", "Man the lifeboats", etc and everyone runs to follow the command. Some commands take teams of people and if you don't find a team, you get kicked off the ship. But you can always come back on if "Mutiny" is called.

Take a look!

Check out the full set of Pirate Ship rules, if you want to have some fun. If the teens are having this much fun, Summer Camp must be a blast!
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