Ground Hornbills Thank the Anonymous!

By Christine Bui, Zoo keeper

The Zoo keepers in the bird area would like to thank an anonymous donor for our new Hand-Rearing Birds book. We are using this book as a reference to help us hand-raise a new Ground hornbill chick.

Our Ground hornbills laid two eggs and one was a successful hatch! Hooray! We gave the hornbills an opportunity to parent raise the chick, but we found they were not doing a successful job keeping it warm. The bird keepers removed the chick from its nest and brought it down to the incubator room where the small chick is now warm and well fed.

This book has given us tips and important information on how to successfully raise a hornbill chick. So, thank you so much anonymous donor, the bird keepers are truly thankful. Chirp chirp! The hornbill chick thanks you too!
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