We Didn't Forget You!

By Zoo Blog Keeper

Wow. I'm tired.

I just wanted to assure you that we didn't completely forget the blog! Saturday night was our annual King of Feasts - food and wine tasting, silent auctions, live entertainment, and a whole lot of fun!

It was a perfect night. After staying indoors for so many days because of the fire, you could tell everyone needed a fun night out. The restaurants had fantastic food and it was such a treat to walk down Big Cat Row, smell all the delicious foods and see the lions laying on their rocks while everyone was having fun.

Coordinating over 50 vendors, 2 bands, 3 silent auctions, 750 guests (and so much more), took quite a bit of our time. Yesterday we broke down and put away almost everything it takes to run an event that size, so now we get a day off! Yipee!

We will be back to a few post a week very soon!
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