Gus Says: Time to Carpool!

By Gus the Green tree frog

Hi there! It's Gus again, bringing you another addition of the Frog Blog.

Well, you probably know about the big I-5 freeway construction and closure that has started in downtown Sacramento. That is, unless you live in a cave (which some of my friends do!).

For the next six weeks there are going to be major traffic issues around Sacramento and the Zoo. You can check out the Fix I-5 website for all the details! So, what is the green solution? I've got a couple of ideas for you...

I love this option! Most likely someone you work with or work near, also lives in your neighborhood. Email some coworkers and see if anyone wants to. Carpooling is very popular at the Zoo.

Ride Your Bike
Click here for a great bike map of Sacramento! You can avoid the I-5 freeway work by parking for free at the Regional Parks along the American River. Vist the Sacramento Regional Parks website for details and application forms.

Take Public Transportation
Many regional trasportation systems are offering increased service during the constrution to help everyone get where they are going.

Stay at Home
Can you telecommute? Then do it! What's better than finding a way around the mess, than just avoiding it altogether! Plus, how much fun is it to work in your pajamas?

Okay, so now you have your options to choose from. But there is just one more thing! Did you see what all those options have in common? Think hard... That's right, they are all green options for using less gas, polluting less and generally treating the environment a little nicer. After the I-5 freeway is all better, why not try using these alternatives at least once a week? You've already got it all figured out :)

Visit my very own webpage and learn more about me! That's all for now, and remember to BE GREEN!
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