Sleep at the Zoo

by Katie, Overnight Coordinator

The 2008 Overnight season is well underway and both Zoo staff and Zoo animals are getting settled into the routine. The theme for this year’s Overnight Safaris is “Endangered Species Success Stories” and we are learning all about endangered species around the world. Zoo P.I.’s assistant needs your help to check in on the endangered species here in the Zoo and see what people around the world are doing to help them recover.

We are meeting some of our endangered ambassadors that help out in the education department as well as some of their counterparts out in the Zoo. We have been learning about the Thick-billed parrot Species Survival Plan (which is run by our very own Sac Zoo keepers); our Bongo that is now living out in Kenya; the amazing comeback of our very own state reptile, the Desert tortoise, and so much more!

We have fun new games to play like an animal sounds game, a bean bag animal protection game, and a fishing themed game of tag! We also have some brand new enrichments and additions to some old favorites. And of course we are still spending time with all of our favorite scaled, fuzzy and feathered nocturnal friends.

Everyone has been having a great time so far this summer and we hope that you can come and join us too. There is still room to sign up for the first Family Overnight of the season on June 13 so sign up now and join in on the fun!

Family Overnight Dates:
June 13th and 21st
July 5th, 12th and 18th
August 2nd, 8th and 15th
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