Lullabys for parrots

By Interpretive Center Staff

It’s a web like a spider’s web
Made of silk and light and shadow
Spun by the moon in my room at night.

It’s a web meant to catch a dream
Hold it tight ‘til I awaken
As if to say, dreamin’s all right

-A song sung to Robbie, Eclectus parrot

As we leave for the day we give some extra love and attention to our Animal Ambassadors. Just as your child may like a bedtime story, our animals have nightly rituals that must be completed before they can sleep. Believe it or not, our birds enjoy a sweet lullaby before they tuck in. Of course we are happy to oblige; lucky for us they don’t care about pitch!

Lara sings to both Robbie and Julio (Blue and Gold Macaw) each and every night. Robbie enjoys it so much that he actually sings along. However, his lyric repertoire is limited to one note: La.

Brooke, our newest IC staff member, felt that the American Kestrel, Herbie, needed his own lullaby. Initially, the song was developed to calm him down when he was screaming, but it is now sung to him every night. In order to hear the song better, Herbie comes right up to the side of the cage (sometimes with dinner still in beak). He also puffs his feathers and bobs his head while she sings. After all the singing is completed and the lights are turned off, the staffers say “Go to bed, Julia” or “Goodnight, Julia” to our Thick-billed parrot, which she answers with her special goodnight call. She then climbs into her specially-made sleep sack, meant to simulate a tree nest and is off to sleep.

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