Hi, I'm Gus!

By: Gus the Green tree frog

Hello everyone, I'm Gus the Green tree frog! Some of you might have met me at Wings of Spring on May 3rd. That was the first time I was out saying hi to folks and spreading my message: BE GREEN!

I'm just here to show you how to be green and hopefully inspire you to do it too!

You might know that there are tons of plastic water bottles out there and that almost all of them end up in the landfill. Since it takes them hundreds of years to break down, you can imagine the mountains of bottles we are just throwing away!

One solution, is to recycle! That plastic water bottle can have a whole new life as a new bottle, bag or scarf.

Another solution is to use a reusable container and and bring your water with you! That's what I do, and as a frog, I need a lot of water!

Since I like to use my own water bottle, I actually made one featuring me! They are a nice lightweight aluminum and come in red or blue.

If you want one, the nice folks at the Sacramento Zoo Membership office are selling them. They are just $8 for SacZoo Members and $10 for everyone else.

Stop in and pick one up! Start doing your part to be the solution.

Soon, I will have my very own webpage at http://www.saczoo.com/ and of course, I will keep blogging here (I'm the blog frog). Until then, look for me at the next Zoo event and remember, Be Green!

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