When Life Gives You Lemons...

by, Renee Towan, Zoo Horticulturist

When mother nature unleashed her fury on January 4th we lost a large old oak tree on the lake. The tree was trimmed and left in place. Looking a bit odd with it's limbs newly cut back, I pondered how to make it a great looking focal point.

Moss it! I special ordered Spanish Moss from a source in Florida. With the help from Jason, lead bird keeper, we hung the moss.The moss has helped to achieve the effect that the tree has been in place for a very long time. It is the new backdrop when viewing the Flamingos from their nesting area and their feeder near the Bateleur Eagles. You can always find a guest taking photographs of the Flamingos. Now their permanent memories have a dramatic new background.

Landscape design always has challenges. It is the job of the designer to find solutions to problems. This solution was fun and adds a new element to the Flamingos and other waterfowls habitat. So when mother nature gives you a downed tree, make it a focal point!

In the southern United States, Spanish Moss provides a home for amphibians and birds. Because we all know, Frogs Matter! Be Green!
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