Triumphant Return of the Ring-tail Lemurs

By Jessa Franck, Keeper

The Ring-tail lemurs returned to their exhibit this week after a month and a half absence. One of the females had a medical issue that required close supervision and frequent bandage changes. In order to maintain group dynamics, all three lemurs were moved to the Dr. Murray E. Fowler Veterinary Hospital. With the lemurs off display, I took advantage of the chance to renovate their exhibit. I talked to several other keepers who work in the primate department about what they liked and disliked about the exhibit as well as what features the animals used. I kept a few limbs that seemed to be favorite sitting spots and also added some new wooden platforms that can double as feeding stations. One of these platforms is at the very front of the exhibit, allowing Zoo visitors an extra close look at the lounging Ring-tail lemurs. The Ring-tails were very excited to be back in their newly redecorated home. They spent a lot of time scent marking the limbs and enjoying the warm sunshine. The injured female has recovered well although she may have a permanent limp. Please stop by their exhibit near the Sumatran orangutans to say “welcome back.”
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