Thanking the Anonymous

by Renee Towan, Horticulturist

My job in a nutshell is to improve and maintain the botanical collection, and just make things pretty! This requires a myriad of tools. When you imagine a day in the life of a horticulturist/gardener you picture rakes and shovels. Before you can plant a new specimen or prune a tree, you must have knowledge of the particular species. This is where one of the most important tools comes in handy, reference material in the form of books! While building the botanical collection I have also been building a horticultural reference library. Reference books are quite costly, just ask any college student. Because of the selfless generosity of a donor we received two wonderful books from our Sacramento Zoo Wish List on yesterday. Last night I pondered, how do I thank an anonymous donor? Ah ha! If this wonderful person looks at the Wish List, they most likely read the Zoo Blog! So, a great big THANK YOU! Your gift is very much appreciated!
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