A Love of Giraffes as a Birthday Gift

by Lisa Clement, Development Coordinator

Since the story about the giraffes appeared in the Bee, my phone has been busy ringing. Animal lovers of all ages are giving. It has been wonderful and I want my phone to keep on ringing! We still have a long ways to go!

One call in particular made me smile. I spoke with a gentleman wanting to do something for his daughter. He told me how she loves giraffes! "It could be an obsession." She has been visiting the Sacramento Zoo since she was a baby. Later, his daughter did her veterinary medicine studies at UC Davis and she and her classmates would visit the Zoo to study our animals. His daughter is now the medical director of a large veterinary practice. So I guess her love of giraffes goes way back.

Today he made a $100 donation to the giraffe exhibit renovation project, in honor of her for her upcoming birthday! He must be one proud papa!

If you would like to donate to the giraffe barn project, please contact Lisa Clement at (916) 808-8815 or Donate Now.
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