A big help from a little girl

By Kim Sheffield, Membership Assistant

It was a fairly uneventful rainy day until one little girl shook things up a bit. This little girl, by the name of Maya Vargas, shyly wandered up to the membership office window with an envelope in hand. After a little encouragement from her mom, Kelly, she told me that she had a donation for the "giraffe house." Since she was just a little girl, I thought she might have a few dollars to donate (which is always greatly appreciated, because really, every little bit helps), but no, she had a whopping $96! Her mom proudly stood by & took pictures of her handing me the envelope (that not only had the money, but a lovely drawing of a giraffe). Maya had a community service project for her school & she had heard about our dilapidated giraffe barn, so she wanted to raise money to go towards helping out our giraffes. She was such a sweetheart! I was so happy to see such great generosity come from a littlest of people. Thanks Maya!

You can help continue Maya's mission.....If you would like to donate to the giraffe barn project, please contact Lisa Clement at (916) 808-8815 or Donate Now.
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