Tis the season…

by Sam Curtis, Interpretive Center Education Assistant

That’s right, it is officially pumpkin season, and here at the Sacramento Zoo we know how to celebrate with style. With Halloween and Thanksgiving past, the zoo animals get to enjoy one of their favorite things; surplus pumpkins. These wonderful orange squash are safe for almost every animal in the Zoo and make great enrichment items. They can be scooped out to make a great container for treats; giraffes will kick them like a soccer ball; tigers chew them up; and of course they are also delicious to eat. Big or small, carved or whole, it doesn’t matter if you are a Thick-billed parrot like Julia! With December underway, the season for giving is already in full-swing for both our staff and animals. With holiday magic coming up on the 8th promising winter treats and fun for all the Zoo’s residents, the excitement is almost too much to bear!

Julia is always a "ham" for the camera. Even while snacking on a mouthwatering squash, she will pose for the camera. Check out some of her buddies in the Thick-billed parrot exhibit accross from the penguins!
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