Cardboard Cake...Yummy!

by Jaime Wilson, cardboard builder extraordinaire

It is the night before Holiday Magic, and I have spent my day making cardboard into a giant mouse, a 4-tiered birthday cake, a jungle gym and a food dispenser. I don't think "wild-animal-plaything" was one of the main reasons cardboard was invented, but let me tell you, the animals love it!

The Zoo animals regularly receive enrichments (something outside of their normal routine to stimulate them and get them thinking), in the form of food they have to find, toys or puzzles they can play with or solve and many other things. Tomorrow we are getting into the holiday spirit with enrichments of presents, wreaths, stockings, Christmas trees and more.

Enrichment of the cardboard variety will be featured at the Ground hornbills, where they will get a giant cardboard mouse filled with some tasty crickets and the Tigers, where we are celebrating the three male tiger cubs turning 1 year old! The cubs and mom, will get a 4-tiered birthday cake made of boxes that will hide treats for them to find. It will also be surrounded by ice to really make them think!

Check out the Holiday Magic enrichment schedule and come on out and be part of the fun.

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