Craig’s List vs. The Landfill

By Jaime Wilson
Sacramento Zoo Green Team Member

Today was a good day for the Green Team.

Our Zoo Curator came to me and said there was a bunch of old reptile enclosures that were no longer needed and they were going to get thrown away, unless the Green Team wanted to do something with them. Of course we did!

A half an hour later, I downloaded some digital pictures of the items, wrote down dimensions and went online to I posted everything in the free section of the classified ads and by the end of the day, all of them were picked up and off to their new homes! All said and done, there were 15 enclosures that found a new purpose.

Giving away what you no longer need is great on so many levels! It cleans up your space of unwanted items, it stays out of the landfill and it helps someone else out. It’s a beautiful thing.

Here are some ideas for getting rid of things you don’t need:
Craig’s List

Do you have other questions for our Green Team? Leave a comment with a question and we will put our little heads together and see how we can help!
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