Costumes, Auctions, Decor and much more

by Lauren

It has been a while since our last zoo post. We've been engulfed in all things "Wild Affair." This event takes a zoo army to put on. Some of the work is tedious and some is just fun. The auction is a lot of work, everything has to be labeled, organized, checked over, and double-checked (tedious work). But then there is the Stage Show, where organization is not always necessary, but inspiration comes in all forms. Yesterday I was on a mission for false eyelashes, fishnets and wig caps. A great show always involves wigs! The art form of the check-in/check-out tables is a honed skill that our staff has down packed. Everyone, from keepers to maintenance to managers, seems to have their fingers in a little bit of everything going on.
It's back to the trenches, time to set tables, move decor and find that little bit of pizazz that will make this night a Wild Affair to remember.
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