My first AZA conference!

By Brenda Gonzalez, Membership Supervisor

Once a year, Zoo and Aquarium officials from all over the country converge on one city- for the National Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) Conference. The Sacramento Zoo had a pretty good showing- sending our two Lead Animal Keepers, the Education Director, the Marketing & Community Relations Director, the Marketing Manager, little ol' me, the Membership Supervisor and of course our Zoo Director (who also happens to be the current Chair of the AZA!).

This was my first ever AZA conference and it gave me a chance to travel back to my native East Coast- to Philadelphia! It was amazing to see people from big and little Zoos & Aquaria all getting together to figure out how to do what we do even better.

You should have heard some of the conversations people were having! Everything from how to run a concession stand, to the newest in database administration, how to teach 1st Graders about frogs, and even how to make a completely "Green" bathroom- including self composting toilets - - if you're ever at the Bronx Zoo- you should check it out!

All in all, I had a wonderful time. I learned lots and had a great visit to the Philadelphia Zoo - - -next time you're in Philly- be sure to bring your Sacramento Zoo membership card to get half price admission!

When looking for pictures of our trip, I found that most of them are of signage. Zoo folks are always looking for good signage ideas.
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