Lights, Camera, Wigs!!!

By Jaime Wilson, Sacramento Zoo Player

Most of the Sacramento Zoo employees wear many career hats. We are called upon to do tasks that may or may not be in our job description, but we willingly jump into projects that need to be done. We are a real team!

One of the odder jobs that we do around this time of year is Wild Affair. It is our big, gala fundraiser that treats our guest to behind-the-scenes tours, silent auction, gourmet dinner, live auction and an oh-so-quirky show. That’s were the fun begins.

A rag-tag group of shameless volunteer Zoo employees, start meeting twice a week on our own time, to talk ‘opening numbers’, ‘costume pieces’, ‘dance-moves’ and of course, who gets the best wigs!!!

We are the Sacramento Zoo Players and yes, we are the entertainment! Employees from animal care, marketing, accounting, membership, education, maintenance and even past employees and family members, set their pride aside, get all dressed up, rehearse and just try not to trip! We try to add a little spice to the live auction and keep things interesting.

I am constantly amazed at the plethora of costumes we all just seem to have in our closets and garages. Rule number one: never ask why someone pipes up and says “Oh, I have that costume!” It’s just better that way.

To top it all off Dave Bender is our fabulous host for the evening and we love figuring out how to present him on stage. He has been delivered in a large animal crate, popped out among a group of zoo keepers, rolled out in a hay-filled wheelbarrow…he really is a great sport!

If you want to come see your Zoo staff in our most original roles, check out our website for Wild Affair tickets. Our Zoo Director, Mary Healy, even has a cameo – it has something to do with apple pie!
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