Monitors, CPUs, Keyboards…oh my!

By Jaime Wilson, Sacramento Zoo Green Team Member

Today was e-waste day for the Sacramento Zoo staff. Over the last week, a couple of computer monitors in our barn multiplied into a full carload of stuff, as staff started to bring in their dead electronics from offices and homes.

This is our list of what we saved from the landfill today:
6 monitors
4 CPUs
7 printers
2 stereos
5 keyboards
3 surge protectors
1 laptop
2 phones
1 box of assorted hand-held radios, speakers, cords and more!

With technology moving faster than ever, there is a huge problem of electronic waste being dumped into landfills. Not only can parts and metals be recycled, but some monitors and equipment have toxic chemicals in them that need to be dealt with. Disposing of them properly is a great thing to do!

We offer e-waste recycling for the staff every couple of months, or when the pile in the barn starts to get huge. The Zoo is working on having a public e-waste recycling day in the future, but for now, here is some information so you can do your part!

E-waste options in Sacramento
Where and how to recycle other stuff

Do you have other questions for our Green Team? Leave a comment with a question and we will put our little heads together and see how we can help! We have solved tons of dilemas... from "what is the best lightbulb to buy for my kitchen?" to "how does my chocolate craving affect other countries?"
Saving the world, one carload of e-waste at a time!
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